About Gustavo Adolfo

Gustavo Adolfo is a unique Caribbean visionary artist  born in the vibrant, colorful and magical island of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Due to his social and artistic contribution his work is of great importance to Puerto Rico and internationally. His art shares a message of hope for humanity and the possibility of creating a better world. His motivation grows from a fusion between his academic experience, his personal self-discovery, and mystical arts. Gustavo works with paintings, drawings, and traditional engravings. The artist sculpts on a wood surface, in which he transfers engravings from other hand-made surfaces. This is a very ancient technique which has existed for over three thousand years. His works include engraving analysis as an artistic expression of meditation. Through his art, he merges psychological knowledge, mystical arts, philosophy, history, cosmogony and anthropology. His universal art can be therapeutic and can serve as a method to connect human beings with their internal nature.

Gustavo Adolfo was educated with the greatest teachers of Puerto Rican Art. He studied at the University of Puerto Rico, Carolina Campus, where he majored in psychology and philosophy. He then transferred to the prestigious Escuela de Artes Plásticas y Diseño de Puerto Rico (University of Fine Arts and Design of Puerto Rico). It was there where he completed his Bachelor of Arts in Drawing, Painting, Graphic Arts, Installations, Contemporary Art and Conceptual Art. It was in this University where Gustavo Adolfo also studied and work in an investigation research about sacred geometry, the universal art form of mandala, which he used and share to others as a ludic vehicle for self-discovery and healing. His works remind us of our internal wisdom and divine intelligence that exists inside everything. His art expresses his contemplation of vibrant colors and natural forms of the Caribbean and the world. It reminds us of the importance of being appreciative and grateful of our contacts with nature; which is essential to live in harmony. All of this is expressed and is echoed throughout all his works.

 In the past couple of years, he has dedicated himself to integrating space configurations through his art installations, art murals, and exhibitions around the world. The installations have been constructed with organic materials which can be found in our natural environment. In his installations, art murals, and art exhibits, the artist takes us inside the mysteries of the universe, generating new discoveries every single time we appreciate his work. His journey to United States, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean Islands, Europe, and Asia are an expansion of the artist’s life experiences. Supporting the awakening feelings over what is essential, which is to live in contact with nature; and by having a direct relationship with Mother Earth and the Source of Life. On these journeys, Gustavo has had the opportunity of meeting great teachers of wisdom who have shared with him ancient art techniques, knowledge about their culture, and a connection with nature. 

Gustavo Adolfo is also involved in social work and community art workshops, lending services to people of all ages forming part of the energy that motivates positive changes that are occurring in his country and around the world by rendering services to low income communities, disabled people, indigo, crystal, starseeds children, children with Down Syndrome, Autism, Muscular Dystrophy. 

Gustavo's art are conversation pieces that make us focus on meditation and contemplation.The artist creates an eclectic art that heals, frees the soul and revitalizes the atmosphere, filling spaces with life and positive, harmonious vibrations. His creativity are mirrors of the soul, which reflect the internal universe of the artist, as well as of the spectator. They invite us to connect with our true divine essence, transporting us to a place where we are multidimensional beings, through an organic evolution. His motivation is to expand a state of collective consciousness through the arts in which we maintain a connection with Mother Earth and other life forms that coexist in her, reminding us that we are all one with the Light Source of Universe. Honoring our compromise to love the planet in a process of constant learning we reestablish bonds with nature.